Driving Me Paisley

If anyone has seen the series Girlboss you know Sophia is the ultimate babe and motive behind Nastygal. Sophia Amoruso was the business woman behind the fashion empire that derived from simply hunting down vintage pieces and selling them online.

IMG_5995The thing that Nastygal gets so right for me is the mix of vintage, throwback trends from all era’s whilst keeping it current. Expect retro tee’s, pinafores, turtle necks, maxi dresses, cord, snakeskin, leopard print, baker -boy hats and mini skirts. As you could imagine my wish list went on forever when I was browsing on Nastygal, however this paisley dress really stood out to me, it was one of them you keep gravitating towards when scrolling through.IMG_5930IMG_6079IMG_5940The wrap over design is so flattering and means you can either tie the belt at the front or back, whatever you desire. The paisley is a nod to the late ’60s early ’70s which I draw huge inspirations from in my clothes and style so I was all over that in a heartbeat. Also if you are like me and do not like low cut tops, you can adjust to how much you want to wrap over for coverage.IMG_5951I just love how the dark plum and rouge colours really match the Autumn season we’ve come into. Basically it is a winning dress in all sorts of ways and very reasonable for the price. The colours paired with the long sweeping skirt gave off serious Stevie Nicks vibes and I’m all for that. I paired with my trusty leather jacket, anyone who knows me will know I pretty much have a (faux) leather jacket for all weathers and occasions, the one I’m wearing here is from Bershka, it’s the perfect cropped length and I thought it tied in well with the boots.

IMG_5961IMG_6075IMG_5938I also recently bought my first pair of Dr Martens which I love so much! I once got some second hand off Depop a couple of years ago and it was a disaster. Let’s just say it’s not cool when they look like clown shoes and were moulded to someone else’s feet, so I sold them on again. When I got my new ones my dad said to me “oh if you wore them when I was younger you’d be a real hard punk” I just laughed but I understood the roots of where these derived from and it’s one of the reasons I love Docs.


Having said that it’s not because I want to look punk, it’s because of the musical influences and the history behind them, Docs can rough up a whole look so effortlessly. I chose the monkey boots in the oxblood colour, the stitching on the boots are really unique and the fact they are ankle length makes them feel lighter on the feet. At first I was sceptical in styling the docs because I’d never had any, having said that they actually style themselves, just wack them on, that’s what I say.


I’m off to go sweep around in my paisley dress of dreams and polish my Dr Martens whilst listening to ‘Rhiannon’. See you soon!

Dress – Nastygal (here) // Jacket – Bershka (here) // Boots – Dr Martens (here)

Steph x








Simple Seventies Style


I’m actually so so happy to announce that I have officially come out of hibernation of being snowed under with university work, I have one last deadline in May in which the magazine I am creating will be due. I decided to create a 1960’s magazine including original interviews, writing and design, I’ve had a fair few groovy souls that got in touch with me to be involved,  I’ve really enjoyed designing the mag and hearing peoples opinions on a time period that marked change and pushed boundaries. So that is me and my three years at University FINITO! Actually can’t believe that I’ll be graduating in July,  i’m both nervous and excited to see what happens next.


It’s not just the sixties  that really inspires me however it’s also the seventies, especially coming into Summer that means more free flowing, tassel ridden, flared garments will be coming into the mix, particularly with festival season. For this shoot it was rather impromptu and a little seventies outfit was formed, having said that this outfit is pretty much what I’ve been wearing recently, PRAISE BE GOD FOR JAMIE FLARE JEANS FROM TOPSHOP!


I actually love these jeans so so much, they are high waisted and have a gorgeous flare all in proportion, however the best is yet to come. As I’m quite small in height, Topshop do them in trouser length 30, which means no trailing flares on the floor, what a dream! I have them in a classic blue denim colour perfect with every outfit! although I do want to invest in the black pair too! I really enjoy dressing down flares and wearing them with my plain black converse for a real Woodstock casual vibe or with Adidas Gazelle’s to bring a bit of a retro chill to the outfit.


In this particular outfit I decided to match red accessories with red suede booties and a red baker boy hat, not forgetting the bug-eye sunnies to fit with the seventies theme I was going for. Normally I’d feel more comfortable in my black baker boy hat however after seeing it paired with the red boots it really brought a pop of colour to quite a neutral outfit.


I think the main focal point on this outfit was of course my favourite tassle black suede jacket, I bought this a while back when I worked at Forever 21, I used to go into work and just eye it up until one day I made it mine. That jacket has done me very very well, a staple in my eyes, one to just wack on whenever you want to jazz up an outfit, it is probably my go to party jacket, I love wearing it with quite feminine dresses to bring a bit of a rougher rock chick look with black pointed ankle boots.


Bodysuit/ T -Shirt – Zara (similar here) // Jeans – Topshop (here) // Jacket – Forever 21 (similar here) // Boots – Just Fab (here) // Baker Boy Hat – Primark (similar here) //  Sunglasses – Joanie (here) 

Anyway the point is that I added it into this outfit as the bodysuit I wore underneath was  just plain black with a simple “1987” slogan on the front (wrong year for the look but sometimes things don’t always go hand in hand do they?). I also really like the weight to the tassles on this jacket. The movement of them all when you walk, particularly on the day we decided to shoot, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and if that isn’t a perfect combination for tassels then I don’t know what is.

Hoping to jump back into blogging again now that I have less work, so if you want to work seventies style, I say go for it! get your tassle on!

Steph x

Winter Military Reporting for Duty!

Hey there,

I felt it had been a while since doing my last fashion blog post, therefore this one is way overdue! One day I decided to have a root in Oxfam in which I stumbled across a Zara military style jacket, I decided to try it on and I was actually amazed how much tailoring can change your silhouette and for £7.99 how could I let it go!

IMG_1237Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The military trend is huge right now, when wearing military style tailoring it gives of some sort of female authority throughout an original masculine trend. The blazer style jacket i’m wearing has two stitches either side of the waist area making it a perfect way to give the illusion of a smaller waist! It is reasonably long line and has a pleat at the back to allow movement with an extra royal-esque type of feel. The detailing of the trimming is the statement of this jacket, the gold buttons and cuff trims make this piece the classic it is.

IMG_1165Processed with VSCO with c1 presetWhen thinking of how to style the jacket I was ready to go full on nautical/ army service style haha! Therefore I wore with a red and white striped long sleeved tee, I feel the red lifted the dark colour of the jacket, wearing with a leather skirt gave another texture to the look and also removed it from being too uniformed.

Star prints are my favourite, they are just so sparkly and celestial, so once again I “stumbled” into H&M and saw a leather skirt with star embroidery and zip detailing,  it was magical and meant to be. To tie in the red I wore my red suede ‘Noel booties’ that ‘Just Fab’ kindly sent to me! Personally I am a huge loafer fan and when I saw these boots that were half boot half loafer I was made up! The boots take huge influences on Gucci through the gold buckle detailing however for a lot less pennies:)

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI am a huge fan of my bakerboy/ Lennon  hat, it just induces a bit of 60’s style and is great when your hair needs to be tamed! While in H&M I picked up a Brixton inspired baker boy, with a leather peak and rope detailing across the front. I almost fainted when I got to the till and found out it had gone down to one English pound, I’m alright at this bargain hunting malarkey!


Fashion aside, Uni deadlines are coming thick and fast, the dissertation planning is underway. My dissertation is going be on the ‘thin ideals’ that are portrayed in male fashion magazines, I will be focussing on whether male fashion magazines do attempt to portray an ideal image of a male body. I decided this as there is so much coverage in the media of how body image is affected by female models in the fashion industry, leading to body image and self esteem issues, however what about the guys? It can affect them also!


Jacket – Charity Shop (similar here) // Top – H&M (click here) // Skirt – H&M (click here) // Boots – Just fab (click here) // Bakerboy Hat – H&M (sold out)  (similar here) 

I’m still doing some music reviewing on the side, which is something that I find quite relaxing to write about. If it is a certain band, single, album… I make myself a coffee, sit down and play it through my speakers so I can really figure it out and begin to get inspiration to write about it. It’s starting to feel all festive and cute recently however I’m still not saying the ‘C’ word, let’s get to December first!

See you soon!

Steph x

Tempesst – Adult Wonderland EP

Mix together an ever-changing sound of airy psychedelia with hints of pop and folk, and you have London’s Tempesst  – a quartet made up of Eric Weber (guitars), Kane Reynolds (keys) and brothers Toma Benjamin (vocals) and Andy Benjanin (drums). In the past year, the four have relentlessly bashed the the live circuit, hitting the likes of The Great Escape and Live At Leeds alongside supporting Mystery Jets and Albert Hammond Jr – but the release of woozy debut EP Adult Wonderland’ ensures that it’s Tempesst who are the stars of the show.


Opener ‘Waiheke’ awakens those rock ‘n’ roll roots, channeling influences from The Beatles’ psych phase to Tame Impala throughout. Tempesst successfully concoct an uplifitng mood, with the track radiating happiness with statement guitar reverbs and Toma’s lazily angelic vocals that are undeniably comforting. Second up is 2015’s ‘Tidal Wave’ – a track that snowballs from its subtle intro into a roaring chorus dominated by Toma’s melancholy vocals. Lines like “Riding on tidal wave, floating in from out of space” are lovingly chill, supporting the laid back persona that the band do so well.

Three may be the magic number, and even more so on Adult Wonderland, as the brilliant ‘Feel Better’ is a sublime ode to working all week and partying all weekend – something that resonates with many. It’s a distorted and hazy tune that features a good slice of rock ‘n’ roll thanks to its groovy guitar riffs. ‘God Knows I Needed a Muse’ is the EP’s closer – and it’s the most beautiful out of the bunch. Hollowed vocals sound angelic contrasted to brilliant guitar strikes and promiscuous drums. There’s something alluring and exposed about it – and its the perfect dreamy end to the four tracks.

Tempesst recreate psych through multiple ways in each of their songs to fit all moods. With underlying sounds of different genres, the quartet easily switch their styles from floaty folk-pop and back to those 60’s vibes all over again. Adult Wonderland is exciting and mysterious – and will keep you on your toes. Tempesst are a band to keep a watch out for, let loose and jump on that psychedelic dream boat.


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How I style in Vinyl

Hello everyone!

What a busy busy week it has been, it has been my first week back starting my last year in University and on top of that I’ve also been working! I’ve finally started to sit down and have a good old think about what I should post about next. I’ve been trying not to spend too much money and buy clothes, which I tell you is one of the most difficult things that I try to do ever! I always have to force myself on shopping bans however I always come up with a reason that somehow bails me out of the ban. It is a never ending vicious circle, however excuses for my shopping habits aside, I have started as a Sales Associate at Victoria Secret, in which case our uniform is all black.


Black is classic, the foundation of key wardrobe pieces, and what female doesn’t have a LBD? Since starting work I keep finding myself looking at all the different black tops and pants that can be found on the highstreet at the moment. I’ve been looking for a pair of black vinyl trousers which are affordable and on trend, I figured it could be possible to work while looking the epitome of sass in this glossy style staple! I picked them up on my way home from Uni one day pondering whether i’d actually brave wearing them, as soon as I threw over the comfort of my big leopard print fur coat I felt a million times more comfortable in them.


They aren’t that scary really, I was trying to nail the ‘rock chic’ feel while not feeling like a big stick of liquorice, I don’t know whether I gained that but I’ve managed to branch out a little while still being in my style. Mixing up my style is something I’m not too good at, I have a style and I stick to it,  the vinyl trend is luckily for me right up my street, I’m pretty much always wearing my PVC skirt with a pair of fishnets and my boots. I’m excited that it’s hit more high-street stores recently this season  which means more variety and less expensive pieces I can spend my student pennies on:)


Theres something quite rebellious about wearing them, yet in all honesty I don’t feel that rebellious when they are on haha! especially not when I called my mum and told her I bought these her initial reaction was just a burst of laughter down the phone…Cheers Mum! however having said that they do make me feel a little more tougher on the inside than say if I was wearing a standard style pair of jeans. Feeling tough is important I reckon, especially as I’m probably classified as a worrier in life, at least I can worry but look tough. On another note I have seen Alexa Chung style these wearing a mohair jumper which really works at bringing something so simple to life.


Sounds weird but when wearing these I do just want everyone to come on down and feel my legs in a none creepy way! , the feel of them is actually so satisfying. Coming into Autumn now these are a really good alternative to jeans and tights, the vinyl is eye catching and reflects light, therefore it will rebound the light in any setting. Vinyl has become a fashion trend rapidly and it is because it is unique, eye-catching and a lazy way to bring texture to an outfit. If you pair these with any everyday piece you can’t really go wrong!


I’ve paired the vinyl trousers with my leopard print faux fur coat and a ribbed black turtle neck. Leopard and black is always a great idea, it somehow just works. I wore with my black ankle boots which I know is mentioned so many times on my blog, they are just my go to and it also creates an illusion of longer legs (which by the way I will never have sadly) as the shoes and trousers are all one colour, luckily for me it is now Autumn which means boots boots boots!


Coat – New Look (sold out) similar here  // Top – H&M (sold out) similar here  //        Trousers – New Look (click here) // Boots – Topshop (sold out) similar here 

Lets talk about the elephant in the room, the process of removing these. I am pleased you don’t have to talc powder  your legs to remove them or have to awkwardly ask anyone to assist! They peel of like a dream with skin still in tact. I think for the price these ones from New Look are really impressive quality and as long as comfort goes, how comfortable can you be in a pair of PVC pants, i’ll let you decide.

See you soon!

Steph x


4 ways I tackled starting University & styling a teadress for Autumn.

Hello everyone!

It got me thinking when I was seeing all the freshers arrive, with cars packed to the brim of all their belongings, tears emerging from parents eyes and a jumble of all sorts of nerves and excitement as they leap into the unknown… starting uni is damn scary! Even approaching third year now it still feels like it was yesterday I was moving away and starting the next chapter! It may not be too daunting for everyone however undoubtedly it was for me. I thought it would be quite useful to discuss my experiences, the ways I dealt with university anxiety/ worries and the advice I would give when settling into a new city away from home. If there is one fresher, first year or Uni beginner that takes one thing from this post, I’ll be a happy little blogger:)

1. Go at your own pace

This is your journey and nobody else’s, do not feel pressurised to go mad shotting vodka every night or even staying in every night! Trust yourself and your instinct, if you want to go hard every night, do it!! however it doesn’t make you the ultimate fresher or coolest person around an you’ll be paying the price for it when you get the ‘fresher flu’ without sounding like a grandma, sometimes organising tea together or a day out with your flat mates can be just the remedy for real bonding, and you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing drunk speak that may have been exchanged after a few bevvies!


2. Push yourself to be confident

I know this is easier said than done, however I stand by this still being something that can actually really help you character build! Sometimes it pays off to be confident, whether that be to go and say hi to someone you see on your course or suggesting plans to those you live with. The biggest fear is the rejection, if that does happen, it’s a reflection on the person themselves and not you. I remember when I started my Journalism course and the lecturers thought it would be funny to send us out to do a ‘Vox Pop’ on our first day, to all those out there that don’t know what a ‘Vox Pop’ it is media/journo slang for short interviews with members of the public. We were paired up and sent out to different areas in Liverpool City Centre to ask random members of the public a question, yes I was one of those annoying people that tries to stop you in the street, It was so bloody scary! I was in a new city, with a lad I had met 5 mins ago, approaching random people which a lot of the time looked angry we stopped them and gave us a look as if we had 5 heads! In all honesty we got a balanced opinion from various people in the time set for us, I was quite proud of how it went.

I was like a duck under water, calm on the surface when really I was paddling like hell under the water. This was a tester from my course leaders to see if we could take a challenge, I look back on that day now and think how I was quite reserved and timid, I wished I pushed myself a little more. Having said that, now we are sent out to do vox pops, interviews, phone calls and meetings all the time, it’s second nature to me! Make sure to not just blend into the background, a lil bit of confidence can go a long way in University, in my opinion this naturally happens over the years anyway, so you’ll naturally adapt to being a more confident person for the better!


3. Enjoy independence

Living on your own, dealing with your own food shopping, washing and cooking is all part of the fun! You have to step up and handle adulting for real haha! I liked doing it, it made me feel like I had my own control of my life, with no-one to answer to or tell you what’s best. What I used to love about coming to a new city is that it is unwritten for you, you don’t know any places, it sets a task for you to find out places you’d like to go and see. Don’t get stressed that you have to deal with things on your own, because there will always be someone doing the same and we have the internet now! the little things that trip you up like “how long it takes to boil an egg” is only a click away! This is something I actually Googled when I started Uni haha,  now I am a master on how long to boil it for the way I want it! I’m a GENIUS! …Well Google is:)


4. Reflect & Relax

It is a huge thing starting University and moving to a new city (for some) I often found myself worrying about the standard of my first few assignments, getting a grip of the work load, managing my time, managing a job and living on my own. Don’t get yourself lost in a rut, take time out, go for a coffee, have a long shower/bath, talk about it to people who support you! Lots of the time during Uni, my best friend and I would end up counselling each other regularly and giving advice, sometimes it’s all you need! If that isn’t your style, write down worries, concerns and thoughts in a notebook, that way you’ve channelled the things that are bothering you and can clearly see what needs to be dealt with! There is lots of support systems and University and they can be really helpful! I often went and grabbed a coffee and walked down to the Albert Docks, the water is calming and it reminds me of a seaside, it allowed me to take a step back for a while. When the weather was nice I would spend a couple of hours there, after it I felt more level headed and ready. That is just personally for me in Liverpool, however what ever city you are in there is sure to be a calming reflective places to sit and relax, again have a Google, it’s not just good for seeing how long to boil an egg haha.

I know they are just a few of my tips on what helped me when starting University! It will be different for everyone however I hope something is taken from it to give a uni beginner a steer in the right direction! Having said that I haven’t actually done a fashion post in too much depth for a while, therefore I thought that tying the outfit in with this post would be a good idea!


First of all I bought this Vintage inspired tea-dress during the warmer months for an occasion, the pattern on it was so captivating I was so sad I only wore it once, with the colder weather starting to emerge I  got it out again before it was too late. The print has cute confetti style flowers, in orange, red, pink and green, I love it with the pastel blue background it makes all the flowers pop. The skirt is piped with a a frilled skirt that moves beautifully when you walk, the style is a wrap over dress which for one is so comfy and can be use to make a waist line when the belt is tied.


To bring out the red in the dress I paired it with my red suede tasselled jacket. Suede and tasselled in the same sentence is pretty much my dream! I liked the idea of putting together a western style textured jacket with a delicate looking dress as it avoided the whole ‘little girl’ at a tea party look as I felt that this dress could have risked looking a bit child like, however the jacket make it seem a bit less flouncy.

As usual I wore my trusty black ankle boots to make it look more Autumnal (I really know this is not an Autumn outfit but i’m clinging onto the last days of Summer) , although I think the boots again bring it away from looking too soft and makes the whole outfit a slightly more rough!


Dress – Topshop click here // Jacket – Mango , sold out similar here // Boots – Topshop similar here, NOW ON SALE

Wishing everybody a lovely and enjoyable time at University, I hope you’ve enjoyed me rambling on about my Uni experiences and trying my best to make a summer outfit an Autumn one, we all know we are in the North of England and braving the bare legs is not always welcomed.

See you soon!

Steph x

Music of the Month

Hello there,

I was getting a huge urge to write about music however not a review as such, therefore I thought that writing about my most listened to music of the month would be appropriate and could spark some new tracks for some of you. As a rule of thumb… me without my music is unhappy me, it is a MUST! The procedure for many leaving the house would check the standard keys, phone, wallet etc etc.. I also do this but for me HEADPHONES are essential in that check. It is a cliche and I’m going to say it regardless but music does just improve everything (if it is the right type).  So without further ado below is a list of my most listened to music particularly in the past month…

The La’s – Timeless Melody

Scouse band The La’s, big in the 90’s and praised by Oasis, sang the infamous song “There She Goes” which in my opinion will never ever get old. Someone showed me an acoustic set of the song “Timeless Melody” with Lee Maver’s and John Powers in a tiny studio looking like a pair of 90’s scruffs. With their Liverpudlian wit, and inside jokes they make it difficult for the presenter to interview them, quite frankly they seem like they just want to crack on with singing the tune haha! Maver’s voice is out of the ordinary and very distinct sounding, raspy and broad, Powers harmonies softens the harshness. “If you look in your mind do you know what you will find, open your mind” a rather optimistic sounding song, which is why I love it and the melody is rather timeless.

click here to listen

Listen when… you’re feeling optimistic.


Haim – You Never Knew

Wonder if these LA born sisters have room for one more! Coolest trio around, always wearing their high waisted mom jeans, band tee’s , ankle boots and a leather jacket they ooze the sass. I gave their new album a listen, listening to the track “You Never Knew” immediately I was reminiscent towards Fleetwood Mac, there is 100% Stevie Nicks influences in this which i’m really loving. The song itself is quite chill with the most catchy chorus ever! Worth a listen if you fancy some retro pop in your life!

click here to listen

Listen when… you were right about something all along.


Mac Demarco – My Kind of Woman & For the First Time

I went to go and see Mac Demarco live in Newcastle recently and MET HIM! We turned down a wrong turning trying to get to the venue and saw Mac’s head pop out of the side entrance, so we strolled over and got a pic! He was lovely too. The gig was really just full of good feelings,  nothing too serious, he even got us all sat down on the floor at one point. Mac Demarco’s music is really hard to categorise, you’d have to listen to relate, Mac’s got such a dreamy sounding voice, his lyrics are so exposed and they give a nod to being madly in love without sounding too soppy. ‘My Kind of Woman’ is one of those songs to relax and reflect to I suppose, a very gorgeous melody, my favourite lyrics “you’re making me crazy, really driving me mad, that’s all right with me, it’s really no fuss” suggests a contrast of feeling mad and irritated by someone, however in fact it’s really ‘no fuss’ , a confirmation of deep adoration towards someone.


Another one of my most listened to is off Mac’s new album, For the First Time. All his songs aren’t all very chilled however this is another one that is! Since arriving in Newcastle to see him live the lyrics to the very beginning “While she’s been away living day to day’s been tough” was literally stuck on loop in my head, that’s what happens when listening to Mac, he lures you into his thoughts musically. The song itself is a longing to be reunited and the feelings that happen when there’s been a long absence. Quite a happy melancholy tune in my opinion.

click here for ‘My Kind of Woman’

Listen when… you are missing someone you love

click here for ‘For The First Time’

Listen when… you’re on your way to meet the one you love.


Good Foxy – Down the Rabbit Hole

Good Foxy are a recently listened to band for me, they reflect the likes of The Doors and succeed at bringing a modern take on 70’s music. I got into them as my boyfriend who’s lead singer in The Holograms showed me the track after gigging with Good Foxy in Liverpool and Manchester. The track is an upbeat mixture of all sorts of dynamic sounds, there’s also an appearance of a flute and some funky guitar twangs which surprisingly works amongst the rhythm changes. Their album artwork is also really quirky, with drawings of trees and mushroom toad stools with bright swirling colours, it definitely captures the eye. Both The Holograms and Good Foxy are both up and coming bands, I’m really for supporting bands such as these, so I’ll link their Facebook pages below so you can go give them a like!

(click here for ‘Good Foxy’ on Spotify) 

Listen when… pre drinking before a night out or getting ready to go out.

‘Good Foxy’ Facebook Page

The Holograms Facebook Page


Jake Bugg – How Soon The Dawn

Jake who? Just joking, however he did vanish for a good while, fear not! Jake’s now made a return with his new one ‘How Soon the Dawn’ and a good new one to say the least. It feels such a laid back Sunday morning type of song, everything about it is quite positive and reflects a new beginning onto better things. I also really love the music video and the way it is shot, it reflects an insight into Jake Bugg’s world, showing  him picking up his guitar moments after just waking up, playing some music with his girlfriend lay next to him, moments you feel you shouldn’t be allowed to watch, but it creates a realistic sense of intimacy that many relationships allude to.

click here to listen

Listen when… making a coffee on a lazy Sunday morning.


John Lennon – Mind Games

An absolute golden oldie, I’ve rediscovered this song again! This song just gets me feeling all powerful inside haha! John describes complicated things simply in this. A suspected song about political views, What I love is John knows how to tell stories in songs! Aside his vocals are incredible as per usual!  He says “we’re playing those mind games together
pushing the barriers planting seeds” an ode of honesty to loving and not causing any trouble, both in politics and in our relationships. Ever needing to hear some musical advice, Lennon is your man!

click here to listen

Listen when… you want to feel inspired, or you’ve accomplished something!


Miles Kane – The Drugs Don’t Work (The Verve cover)

The Verve are incredible anyway, when is Richard Ashcroft not?! however this cover by the one and only Miles Kane mixes up the original slightly. I’ve always been a fan of Miles Kane, he somehow knows how to bring a slight bit of edge to any song he sings. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ is quite a passionate song, I love love love the lyrics to this tune, when Miles sings “now the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse but i know i’ll see your face again” without a doubt the harmonies bang. It’s quite stripped back , only two guitars, two vocals and nothing else, that’s why it’s even better!

click here to listen 

Listen when… your are feeling stressed or want to reflect.


Hope you had a good read of my music monthly picks, undecided whether I should keep doing this type of post, however any feedback would be welcomed! See you soon lovely ones, it is the last few weeks before university starts again so it’s all about getting myself back on track before it is all none stop!

Steph x