Driving Me Paisley

If anyone has seen the series Girlboss you know Sophia is the ultimate babe and motive behind Nastygal. Sophia Amoruso was the business woman behind the fashion empire that derived from simply hunting down vintage pieces and selling them online.

IMG_5995The thing that Nastygal gets so right for me is the mix of vintage, throwback trends from all era’s whilst keeping it current. Expect retro tee’s, pinafores, turtle necks, maxi dresses, cord, snakeskin, leopard print, baker -boy hats and mini skirts. As you could imagine my wish list went on forever when I was browsing on Nastygal, however this paisley dress really stood out to me, it was one of them you keep gravitating towards when scrolling through.IMG_5930IMG_6079IMG_5940The wrap over design is so flattering and means you can either tie the belt at the front or back, whatever you desire. The paisley is a nod to the late ’60s early ’70s which I draw huge inspirations from in my clothes and style so I was all over that in a heartbeat. Also if you are like me and do not like low cut tops, you can adjust to how much you want to wrap over for coverage.IMG_5951I just love how the dark plum and rouge colours really match the Autumn season we’ve come into. Basically it is a winning dress in all sorts of ways and very reasonable for the price. The colours paired with the long sweeping skirt gave off serious Stevie Nicks vibes and I’m all for that. I paired with my trusty leather jacket, anyone who knows me will know I pretty much have a (faux) leather jacket for all weathers and occasions, the one I’m wearing here is from Bershka, it’s the perfect cropped length and I thought it tied in well with the boots.

IMG_5961IMG_6075IMG_5938I also recently bought my first pair of Dr Martens which I love so much! I once got some second hand off Depop a couple of years ago and it was a disaster. Let’s just say it’s not cool when they look like clown shoes and were moulded to someone else’s feet, so I sold them on again. When I got my new ones my dad said to me “oh if you wore them when I was younger you’d be a real hard punk” I just laughed but I understood the roots of where these derived from and it’s one of the reasons I love Docs.


Having said that it’s not because I want to look punk, it’s because of the musical influences and the history behind them, Docs can rough up a whole look so effortlessly. I chose the monkey boots in the oxblood colour, the stitching on the boots are really unique and the fact they are ankle length makes them feel lighter on the feet. At first I was sceptical in styling the docs because I’d never had any, having said that they actually style themselves, just wack them on, that’s what I say.


I’m off to go sweep around in my paisley dress of dreams and polish my Dr Martens whilst listening to ‘Rhiannon’. See you soon!

Dress – Nastygal (here) // Jacket – Bershka (here) // Boots – Dr Martens (here)

Steph x








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