4 ways I tackled starting University & styling a teadress for Autumn.

Hello everyone!

It got me thinking when I was seeing all the freshers arrive, with cars packed to the brim of all their belongings, tears emerging from parents eyes and a jumble of all sorts of nerves and excitement as they leap into the unknown… starting uni is damn scary! Even approaching third year now it still feels like it was yesterday I was moving away and starting the next chapter! It may not be too daunting for everyone however undoubtedly it was for me. I thought it would be quite useful to discuss my experiences, the ways I dealt with university anxiety/ worries and the advice I would give when settling into a new city away from home. If there is one fresher, first year or Uni beginner that takes one thing from this post, I’ll be a happy little blogger:)

1. Go at your own pace

This is your journey and nobody else’s, do not feel pressurised to go mad shotting vodka every night or even staying in every night! Trust yourself and your instinct, if you want to go hard every night, do it!! however it doesn’t make you the ultimate fresher or coolest person around an you’ll be paying the price for it when you get the ‘fresher flu’ without sounding like a grandma, sometimes organising tea together or a day out with your flat mates can be just the remedy for real bonding, and you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing drunk speak that may have been exchanged after a few bevvies!


2. Push yourself to be confident

I know this is easier said than done, however I stand by this still being something that can actually really help you character build! Sometimes it pays off to be confident, whether that be to go and say hi to someone you see on your course or suggesting plans to those you live with. The biggest fear is the rejection, if that does happen, it’s a reflection on the person themselves and not you. I remember when I started my Journalism course and the lecturers thought it would be funny to send us out to do a ‘Vox Pop’ on our first day, to all those out there that don’t know what a ‘Vox Pop’ it is media/journo slang for short interviews with members of the public. We were paired up and sent out to different areas in Liverpool City Centre to ask random members of the public a question, yes I was one of those annoying people that tries to stop you in the street, It was so bloody scary! I was in a new city, with a lad I had met 5 mins ago, approaching random people which a lot of the time looked angry we stopped them and gave us a look as if we had 5 heads! In all honesty we got a balanced opinion from various people in the time set for us, I was quite proud of how it went.

I was like a duck under water, calm on the surface when really I was paddling like hell under the water. This was a tester from my course leaders to see if we could take a challenge, I look back on that day now and think how I was quite reserved and timid, I wished I pushed myself a little more. Having said that, now we are sent out to do vox pops, interviews, phone calls and meetings all the time, it’s second nature to me! Make sure to not just blend into the background, a lil bit of confidence can go a long way in University, in my opinion this naturally happens over the years anyway, so you’ll naturally adapt to being a more confident person for the better!


3. Enjoy independence

Living on your own, dealing with your own food shopping, washing and cooking is all part of the fun! You have to step up and handle adulting for real haha! I liked doing it, it made me feel like I had my own control of my life, with no-one to answer to or tell you what’s best. What I used to love about coming to a new city is that it is unwritten for you, you don’t know any places, it sets a task for you to find out places you’d like to go and see. Don’t get stressed that you have to deal with things on your own, because there will always be someone doing the same and we have the internet now! the little things that trip you up like “how long it takes to boil an egg” is only a click away! This is something I actually Googled when I started Uni haha,  now I am a master on how long to boil it for the way I want it! I’m a GENIUS! …Well Google is:)


4. Reflect & Relax

It is a huge thing starting University and moving to a new city (for some) I often found myself worrying about the standard of my first few assignments, getting a grip of the work load, managing my time, managing a job and living on my own. Don’t get yourself lost in a rut, take time out, go for a coffee, have a long shower/bath, talk about it to people who support you! Lots of the time during Uni, my best friend and I would end up counselling each other regularly and giving advice, sometimes it’s all you need! If that isn’t your style, write down worries, concerns and thoughts in a notebook, that way you’ve channelled the things that are bothering you and can clearly see what needs to be dealt with! There is lots of support systems and University and they can be really helpful! I often went and grabbed a coffee and walked down to the Albert Docks, the water is calming and it reminds me of a seaside, it allowed me to take a step back for a while. When the weather was nice I would spend a couple of hours there, after it I felt more level headed and ready. That is just personally for me in Liverpool, however what ever city you are in there is sure to be a calming reflective places to sit and relax, again have a Google, it’s not just good for seeing how long to boil an egg haha.

I know they are just a few of my tips on what helped me when starting University! It will be different for everyone however I hope something is taken from it to give a uni beginner a steer in the right direction! Having said that I haven’t actually done a fashion post in too much depth for a while, therefore I thought that tying the outfit in with this post would be a good idea!


First of all I bought this Vintage inspired tea-dress during the warmer months for an occasion, the pattern on it was so captivating I was so sad I only wore it once, with the colder weather starting to emerge I  got it out again before it was too late. The print has cute confetti style flowers, in orange, red, pink and green, I love it with the pastel blue background it makes all the flowers pop. The skirt is piped with a a frilled skirt that moves beautifully when you walk, the style is a wrap over dress which for one is so comfy and can be use to make a waist line when the belt is tied.


To bring out the red in the dress I paired it with my red suede tasselled jacket. Suede and tasselled in the same sentence is pretty much my dream! I liked the idea of putting together a western style textured jacket with a delicate looking dress as it avoided the whole ‘little girl’ at a tea party look as I felt that this dress could have risked looking a bit child like, however the jacket make it seem a bit less flouncy.

As usual I wore my trusty black ankle boots to make it look more Autumnal (I really know this is not an Autumn outfit but i’m clinging onto the last days of Summer) , although I think the boots again bring it away from looking too soft and makes the whole outfit a slightly more rough!


Dress – Topshop click here // Jacket – Mango , sold out similar here // Boots – Topshop similar here, NOW ON SALE

Wishing everybody a lovely and enjoyable time at University, I hope you’ve enjoyed me rambling on about my Uni experiences and trying my best to make a summer outfit an Autumn one, we all know we are in the North of England and braving the bare legs is not always welcomed.

See you soon!

Steph x

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